I am a self-published author of several historical thrillers, and I have discovered early that just writing your book is not enough! You need a competent and experienced guide to help you navigate through the treacherous and complex publishing jungle we face today. In Lama I have found that guide, and what a difference that has made!

You may have written that fabulous masterpiece, but if no one hears about it, no one will read it and your work will fade away and sink into oblivion; trust me. However, that will NOT happen to you if you are fortunate, like I was, to have Lama by your side. Lama Jabr of Xana Publishing & Marketing was referred to me by my editor. That was 18 months ago. Since then, Lama has transformed my website and social media pages, and implemented strategies to present my work to a competitive market in effective and imaginative ways. In short, she has shaped my entire ‘cyber presence’ and persona, and elevated my work to heights I didn’t think were possible in such a short time.

One of my books reached #1 on Amazon within the first week of its release! Lama’s quiet, unassuming manner radiates competence. Her extensive knowledge of self-publishing, her instincts, and insights into how best to promote your work in today’s complex and ever-changing environment are impressive and give you confidence in her judgment and recommendations.

Lama’s work ethic too is remarkable and she makes you feel that you are her only client and that your work and success are all that matter. Lama knows what it means to be an author and what it takes to become a successful one! I have therefore no hesitation in recommending Lama as someone every serious author needs.

Gabriel Farago

Amazon Bestselling Author | Lawyer

My life dream since a little girl was to have my mother’s story published. When I wrote Georgina holocaust survivor stories in 2013 I never dreamed it would be a bestselling book.
It took a long time to finally finish the book and I realized that’s half the job. The main job was to get people to read it.
I was looking around to have someone who could help me out to get where I want to go and then I met Lama from Xana Marketing and magic really did happen.
Within the first month, we sold over 200 copies. With her help my book became a #1 Amazon best seller in US, Australia, UK and Canada. I think that is absolutely amazing. And yes you need to have a good story and you do need the wonderful people out there (my audience) to like my book and I thank them so much. I also can’t thank Lama enough for helping me and working with me and achieving the results we have achieved.
It has been a wonderful and fantastic journey. Thank you Lama!

Gabriella Kovac

Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller, Motivational Speaker

Lama has put her heart and soul into the digital publication and electronic marketing of my two books ‘The Sleepwalker Legacy’ and ‘The Nocnista Agenda.’ I was not sure what to expect when I engaged Lama as I was new to the world of e-publishing. However I soon realised that she is the ultimate professional at what she does and far exceeded my expectations in both quality and service. The speed with which she developed a high quality author web site, a Twitter account, a Facebook site and a LinkedIn site and then published my books on Amazon was simply breathtaking. She managed to promote my second book into the Amazon No.87 slot in their best seller list in addition to getting both books into the number one spot in several sub genres. She is so energetic that I struggle to keep up with her, but her gentle chiding usually works wonders!

Thank you for all your support Lama, I really do appreciate it.

Christopher Hepworth

Amazon Best Selling Author I Professional Negotiator

Hi Lama
I can only recommend you 100%.

There are so many mistakes and pitfalls to be made in writing even the most unsuccessful book. I know because I’ve been there and done it.

As you know I originally chose to self publish and buy a self publishing package from a theatrically reputable publishing company. I was so wrong !
While people all over the world mentioned or wrote about my book in blogs the original publisher maintained there were no sales.
In time the US Internal Revenue Service took the publisher to court for non-disclosure of sales and non payment of taxes. While the IRS got their money, authors didn’t.

Owning the copyright of my book I then fortuitously republished with Amazon.
By complete coincidence I then saw Lama’s Meetup group for Amazon self publishing authors.

I think Amazon is an ideal platform for self publishing. Customer sales appear in your account the same day. Amazon is transparent and fortunately attending Amazon self publishing Meetups organised by Lama I am working on marketing my first book and publishing my 2nd book.

Lama has been able to explain how best to market my book with the many Amazon tools provided and has provided a wealth of information.

I recommend Lama and her Amazon Meetup groups for self publishing completely. Lama is excellent and I personally know you can do allot worse.

Paul Sharpless

Author | Manager at Sharp Design Solutions, Sharp Design Solutions

I have attended Lama Jabr’s Amazon Self Publishing Meetups on several occasions and have always learned something new even though I had published on Amazon before. Lama’s help has been of tremendous value to me because she has gone the extra mile to fix problems that I encountered with sale and promotion of my book.

Alfred Bellanti

Author, Entrepreneur, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Herbalist, Hypnosis Sydney

I’ve learned a lot from each of the workshops Lama has run on topics related to self-publishing via Amazon’s Kindle platform. As well as the basics, there are a lot of subtleties that Lama covers. She explains things well, and gives very practical advice. She is a firm believer in showing and demonstrating, rather than just telling you about something.
She has always come well-prepared, been able to handle very diverse groups of people with different needs and in different situations, yet been able to keep them all happy, from what I have observed.
Lama is always well prepared and well equipped with everything needed.

Luke Kendall

Writer, A Toe in the Ocean of Books

Just as the 2015 new year approached, I decided to start it with one of my new year’s resolutions; training and kills enhancement, I took a two days training with the talented highly professional Ms. Jabr, in Ramallah, it was the best choice, her wild knowledge and dedicated presentations enlightened me and moreover enriched my knowledge with the latest social media trends, creating awareness and insights on this rapid revolving field. I highly recommend Ms. Lama for her proficiency and expertise

Nisreen Mishirki Younan

Personal Assistant for the GM at St George Hotel Jerusalem, E-commerce and Social Media Manager, St. George Hotel Jerusalem

It has been great to work with Lama Jabr at Xana Marketing. I have consulted Lama on issues relating to internet marketing, online reputation management and social media. Lama has immediately identified areas that need improvement. Her intensive knowledge and expertise in online marketing is apparent in the results we have achieved. I am confident that Lama would be the right person to hire when it comes to marketing your business online for the value she would bring in. I have asked Lama to run a workshop training next time she is in the Middle East.

Amal Daraghmeh Masri

CEO Ougarit Group / Editor in Chief and CEO Middle East Business News and Magazine, Middle East Business News and Magazine

Lama Jabr knows social media marketing inside out; she is easy to work with and very understanding of the stresses and challenges of small business owners. Her knowledge and understanding is fabulous. I have been working with Lama for some time now on my marketing and social media strategy and I have learned so much from Lama. She makes Social Media easy to understand as she meticulously works through the process. She has a wealth of tools at her fingertips that she shares to enhance the process. I have no hesitation in recommending Lama to any business wanting to develop their social media presence.

Elizabeth Carter

Coaching Psychologist, Educator, Communication Strategist, Bravo Communication

Lama was referred to us as a potential web designer; her foresight and attention to detail has greatly improved our web presence and productivity. Lama’s knowledge of internet marketing, educating and training is of excellent repute. She is prompt, courteous, professional and current in all areas of her expertise. We are delighted to say that she has become a key part of our team at Hues n Roots and we highly recommend her!

Christine Buckley

Founder Hues n Roots, Hues n Roots

Lama was contracted to install LinkedIn profiles for TCQ. 
She achieved exceptional results and managed to work comfortably with those involved. We are extremely pleased with the structured process she used – her results were exceptional whilst always maintaining a pleasant and courteous disposition. We will have no hesitation in using her services again.

Jim Matterson

Founder of TCQ Construction, TCQ Construction

Lama Jabr from Xana Marketing is a rare form of digital marketing consultant as she is across so many aspects of the industry. Her passion for digital marketing combined with her business acumen position her as offering unique insights and skills that are highly relevant to the business owner.She gets business, is outcomes focussed, and understands what business owners need, and this is what drives her strategic plans

Dr. Nic Lucas

Growth Strategist for Business Leaders and Professionals | Best Selling Author

I am so delighted that Lama Jabr from Xana Publishing & Marketing came to my notice through a personal recommendation. The lady at the helm, is Lama, totally devoted to her work and her clients. I am one of them. Without her help and expert handling I would have been still sitting unnoticed. My book was first published on Amazon Kindle in 2011, 4 years later with no sales. Lama relaunched my book on Amazon Kindle on 24 June 2015. On 2 July 2015, my book became #1 Amazon Best Seller in 2 categories (History>Europe>Eastern and Histrory>Women in History) in Australia, USA, Canada and England. What more is needed??
Thank you so much Lama from Xana Publishing & Marketing.

Martyna Parsons

Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller – Through the Eyes of a Child, Before, During and After WW2.

Lama Jabr is a rare gem! In a culture that has increasingly lost sight of good old-fashioned, personalised service, Lama genuinely cares about the client as an individual, not a commodity.

Professionally, combining her expertise in internet marketing, an in-depth understanding of social media, and intuitive wisdom, Lama knows just when and where to promote. She helped my novel reach #1 Best Seller status on Amazon within two months of its release!

And what makes Lama such a pleasure to deal with is that she imbues the business relationship with warmth, kindness and humility. Add to that Lama’s infinite patience, a strong work ethic and an unwavering commitment to helping me achieve my dream, and what could have been a stressful experience was, and still is, an exciting journey.

Paula Houseman

Author of #1 Amazon Bestseller 'Odyssey in a Teacup'

I have written a book called ‘ Blame The Child –It’s Easier’, and I am very excited to be able to say that it has become a ‘#1 Best seller’ on Amazon, and is currently ranked number one in two categories of Education. Having arrived at this elevated position, I have come to realise how important a dynamic and experienced publisher is to an author like myself. It is absolutely vital to one’s success as an author that one has a capable, professional and experienced publisher.
I was very fortunate to have been introduced to such a publisher, Xana Publishing and Marketing, represented so capably by Lama Jabr. Lama has all the tools and experience to ensure that an author is going to get the proper guidance. She is not only very competent. She is accessible and welcoming. She has made the intricate process to number one a very happy process for me.
Highly recommended, with Thanks.

Henry Blumenthal

Author of #1 Amazon Bestseller 'Blame The Child - It's Easier'

Becoming a self-published author has many challenges, and the most difficult one for me was simply to know what I should do to market my books. For the first year or two I was floundering and getting discouraged by the lack of real progress, but this changed completely when I came across Lama Jabr of Xana Publishing and Marketing. Before I even implemented the strategies and changes that were suggested, I already knew I was on the right track. Lama’s professional yet personal and friendly approach immediately made me feel confident in her work, and this has continued now for over a year. It is a great relief and burden off my shoulders to know that the marketing of my books in such capable hands, and I always enjoy the regular coaching sessions with Lama. Her attention to details as well as promptly answering any little question I might have also add to my confidence in her. Her guidance has taught me many things about marketing and being a successful self-published author that I never heard or read anywhere else. Needless to say, finding Lama was the best thing that ever happened to my writing career!

Barbara Underwood

Author of Paranormal Urban Fantasy Series 'Rhuna'

I highly recommend the services of Lama Jabr from Xana Publishing and Marketing. Her expertise in self-publishing, author branding, and eBook marketing is exceptional. I have been working with her for more than 12 months now and I can say most of my success as an author has been the result of following her advice rigorously.

Lama not only knows the method to transform your book into a best seller but she is also capable of boosting your presence as an author on social media. My books have been dominating the Spanish Juvenile category on Amazon Kindle for the last 9 months. My books make up the top 5 spots in Spanish Juvenile category and 4 of my eBooks are in the top 10 of the Spanish Mystery and Thriller category on Amazon. My books generate a solid recurring monthly income from Amazon. Thank you Lama.

Raul Garbantes

Amazon Bestselling Author of Mystery & Thrillers in Spanish

Lama’s presentations on Amazon Self Publishing can be summed up with one word: practical. Lama clearly presents all the tools needed, and how to use them, to actively comptete in the Kindle marketplace. Also, the fee charged for these sessions is nominal and is money well invested by the serious indie author. Likewise it is to the serious indie author that I would highly recommend Lama’s Amazon Self Publishing presentations

Denis Fitzpatrick


Lama consulted with me in 2014 in order to brand my name as an author. After discussion the website was setup to take my future work as an author into account. It’s very clear to use. The various categories used reflect the depth and diversity of my writing. Currently I am working with Lama on publishing my first ebook on Amazon Kindle.Thanks for your encouragement to produce my ebook.

Anne Field

Author, Retired Teacher, Education Department, NSW now writing and researching local history, Anne Field

Lama is up-to-date and has answers to every question, shes professional and i really will be happy to have another social media course with her.

Nadia Mitwasi

Marketing Supervisor at Jacir Palace Hotel-Bethlehem, Jacir Palace Hotel

I found Lama’s “Linkedin Training for Professionals” informative and inspiring. Informative, because I hadn’t really paid much attention to my Linkedin Profile since setting it up except to keep it vaguely up-to-date occasionally and had little awareness of what could be done with it as a marketing tool. Inspiring, because her example and feedback in her training had me go out and begin seriously updating said profile with all the strategies she suggested. Excellent training and pragmatically useful.

John Haly

Pre to Post-Production Video studio | Photography | Web design/develop | Multimedia | Graphic Design | Cinematography, Halyucinations Studios

“Lama is whipping me into shape. She has a gift of teaching combined with knowledge of publishing and marketing. My book was copyrighted in 2006 and then I was sidetracked when I did a justice degree. Only now, in 2015, I am stepping into the publishing process with Lama’s guidance, on the way to achieving my goals.”

Jules O'Shea

Author of "The Bear And The Sapphire, The Battle Down Under"

Lama’s presentations are always informative, easy to follow and professional. Lama opens up a whole new world of possibilities for online publishing and her knowledge re publishing on Amazon is unlimited. I highly recommend her courses to anyone. Published or not. I look forward to each session as I walk away every time feeling more informed and empowered.

Rhanda M

Lama Jabr at Xana Marketing has a creative, entrepreneurial mind that thrives in the field of internet marketing. She stays ahead of the game, spots opportunities that others miss, and delivers high-quality web services and products, on time, for competitive prices. Lama has energy, drive and creative flair. Hire Xana Marketing to experience her talents, vision and capacity for making hard work seem simple

Christopher Norris

Web Editor at Insight Film Festival ; CopyGhosting.com for writing and editorial services, CopyGhosting.com

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Lama Jabr at Xana Marketing for 5 years. In that time I have become extremely impressed with her innovative spirit and internet marketing expertise. She has that 6th sense that allows her to scope out fresh marketing approaches that sets her apart from others in her field. Lama is special because she knows what a business needs to be successful and more importantly she knows how to make it happen. Lama is a results oriented marketing specialist and always has her client’s best interest in mind

William D. Curl

Author and Senior Writer - Maverick Writing Services

I met Lama last year and from the first contact was very upfront on what she can provide for my business and gaps in my market and my business plan which needed attention. She provided a great service for building websites for me and also providing great information on how to grow social media accounts which I still use on a daily basis. Lama is an important part of my business and always there to help which is great and provides an outstanding service.

Byron Brown

Mobile Website Developer | Speaker , worldmobilisation.com

It is with pleasure that I forward this recommendation regarding Lama Jabr.

I have had the pleasure of requesting Lama’s services on several occasions over the past 24-months and on every occasion Lama has exceeded all expectations in delivering the goods.

Her attention to detail/s and her professional, and yet very personable approach to handling every IT opportunity presented to her, has been exemplary. The works are detailed in a natural flow and all necessary gorgon is simply explained in layman’s language.

The most impressive aspect of dealing with Lama is her confident, yet comfortable, manner in which produces positive outcomes on each task handed to her.

I completely recommend Lama for any works within her area of expertise.

Joseph Boutros

Managing Director, The Retail Is Detail Group Pty Ltd